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Its official... Again. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Again.. Early hours of this morning the mainstream media announced that Osama bin laden had been killed. He was apparently whorled up in a two-story house 100 yards from a Pakistani military academy in Abbottabad when four helicopters carrying U.S. anti-terror forces swooped in the early morning hours of Monday and killed him.

So just to make sure people are not to confused about who the good guys are and who the bad guys are lets have a little rundown of past events and past alliances and see who we can now call allies and who remains as the so called "axis of evil" I am going to start with December 1979, when Russian forces mounted a surprise intervention in Afghanistan.  Fighting between CIA-funded Afghans and the Russians with their Khalq allies continued through 1988.

The CIA ended its aid in 1992, the Russians sometime later, and the pro-Russian government in Kabul fell.  In the final stages of that struggle the Taliban began to emerge as a major force in Afghan politics and it subsequently drove the Northern Alliance from Kabul, confining the remnants of the original rebel alliance to a small enclave in the north-eastern part of the country. Osama bin Laden, though getting his start in the CIA-funded war of the 1970s and 80s, did not become a prominent fugitive in Afghanistan until he returned to the country as the Taliban's guest in 1996.

So it would seem that America helped to build up the Taliban and many people would agree that it begins with Bin Laden and the Mujahideen and then Al Qaeda arises out of the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden then goes on to become the prime financier for an organization that recruited Muslims from mosques around the world. These "Afghan Arab" mujahideen numbered in the thousands and would later to go on to become loyal members of the fighting force that fought the current conflict we see in Afghanistan today.

Now its important that people look into all of this movement for themselves because when you look into this carefully you will see that not only did America support Bin Laden and the Mujahideen in their fight against Russia but the weapons, training, skills and everything that we fight in those Afghan mountains today was put together by a force hidden within the shadows of the American government.

To put it more bluntly Bin Laden was trained, funded and put forward by the Elders as the "Face or Terror" Take into account that In February, 2004, Iranian state radio claimed Osama bin Laden had been captured in Pakistan’s border region with Afghanistan “a long time ago. Or consider that a Taliban leader told the Pakistan Observer on December 21, 2002, that Bin Laden was suffering from a serious lung complication and died in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains.

Or that a high-level Council on Foreign Relations member stated that Osama Bin Laden had died of kidney failure in early 2002. Or that during the 2004 election, CNN reported that Democratic insiders had been told that George W. Bush was going to use the Bin Laden body as an ace-in-the-hole if he thought he was in danger of losing the 2004 election.

So did he die in 2002? Did all the Arab nations have the wrong info but the Americans had the facts? Can it be that echoes throughout the Arab world would not have been as clear and reliable as western intelligence and if this is so then why?

Surely the only way western powers can know more about the whereabouts of Bin Laden is if they have him held up somewhere which of course is another well sourced theory on him. It was said that during the attacks on NYC September 11th 2001 that Bin Laden was in fact held in a USA hospital and was being closely guarded by US Intelligence.

To look at the news today and see Americans jumping for joy at this lie makes me feel sick to the very pit of my stomach. It shows a nation so overwhelmed with corruption and mind manipulation that its hard to see anyway back from such a sheepish mind set. First people are fooled enough to believe that the man in the caves of the man on the camel can bypass the most secure and intelligent nation on the earth. The fact that not one but 3 planes can be hijacked in a day should raise alarm bells in itself. One man maybe can slip through security with a small blade and threaten staff onboard. But can we believe that a pilot and a full plane on people would sit still and allow a hijacker to take over a plane and fly them to their death. Surely the heroics on board the famous "Flight 93" would have been something we saw on board ALL planes or would everyone just sit still and let a man with a small box cutter blade decide their fate?

If you was onboard a plane would you let a knife decide your fate? Or would someone on board find the courage to fight it? Would the pilot allow this to occur? I can't see how people can except that on that day hijackers just walked through airports and got onto planes with weapons. Not to mention that jet fuel cannot melt steel and so the collapse of the towers was scientifically impossible. Some have said the planes also had explosives on board. So we go from sneaking on with box cutters to walking on the planes with enough explosives to bend and eventually melt steel columns
to dust.

I have even seen those who lost loved ones in the towers claim that "Now Bin Laden is dead we can finally have closure and the lost souls can finally rest in peace" This is utter garbage. If indeed an afterlife does exist then I can see 3000+ souls wandering in limbo, unable to rest because they now know that what happened on that day was not the man with the camel but the Zionist agenda that America is in bed with. If an afterlife truly exists then those behind this attack will meet these 3000 souls and be haunted by them in the afterlife.

The US government has even been quick to say that just because he is dead, does not mean the war on terror is over or that terrorism will stop. In other words. "We have a few new targets and a few new set ups we want to try out, not to mention the Afghan war is unwinnable, so we will use this to slowly slip out and make more plans for war with nations like Iran and Syria".

Of course what ever war the Americans decide to fight will be joined by the those nations joined to them at the hip. The regular culprits like good old Jewnited Kingdom will follow along like a good trained puppy dog and when the Americans throw the stick Britain will go fetch.

People need to see what is going on here, they need to open their eyes to the wider screen and the bigger picture. This isn't about "Real Terrorism" it is about "Staged Terrorism" why do you think we have the media telling us the terror risk is imminent but acts of terrorism seems to happen only on the odd occasion. Why with millions of Muslims in Europe and the United States why do we not see small lone wolf type attacks weekly or monthly. Why do these "Terrorists" manage to get through the greatest intelligence agency on earth but fail to walk into US Football stadiums or shopping centres on a daily basis? Are we to believe that the pentagon is less prepared for terrorism than a McDonalds restaurant? Are we to believe that out of the hundreds of millions of Muslims only those with links to American intelligence can manage to kill civilians? It truly is a sheep like majority that believe this to be facts. People know the history of media lies but they still believe the next lot of lies to spew from the Zionist media. When they declassify documents that show lies and deception years on people still won't dare challenge the facts presented in the present day. It works to the agenda of the tyrant to allow the facts at present to only be revealed as lies when the next generation wont care that war was staged or that a few thousand soldiers gave their lives for lies and deception. 100 years from now when they declassify the September 11th 2001 files and it shows that America staged those attacks to start war and reel in some power who will care? It will simply be 100 years on, a new generation with 100 years more corruption and brainwashing and they wont even care that people were slaughtered for a global Zionist agenda. The death of your child may hurt today but that death will mean very little to your great grandchild who reads this family history and doesn't feel a flicker of emotion.

The official story so far says that Bin Ladens body was simply dropped in the Ocean. They say this was to respect Muslim tradition that a body must be buried within 24hours of the death. Of course you know this to be absolute lies because since when did we care about following any rules of engagement? The Zionist ruled nations may set up rules of engagement but following them is for others to do. No fly zones mean one thing to the media and another to the Elders. No fly means bomb milk factories in Iraq during the 1990's and say that chemical weapons might have been inside. No ground troops what so ever means ground troops in 3-6 months. Strategic targets means bomb anything that moves. Strategic targets in the eyes of the Zionist rulers are places like Dresden and Hiroshima.

So will we get some Photoshop images of the corpse now? will we get the same poor examples we saw when the Zionists took out JFK or should we all think right now that digital cameras and HD technology will provide us with crystal clear images that cannot be disputed? I am expecting some half hearted effort at photos and I am expecting his face or head to be so badly damaged that facial recognition is impossible.

People have to stop allowing this to pass of as facts. This is staged. STAGED STAGED STAGED. It is a way to divert attention. Especially for Americans who are being ruled by a man who clearly has no right being president. A man who clearly is not "natural Born" and therefore cannot be eligible to run as president and every single law he makes is null and void and infact illegal. My best prediction is this. Obama will be used to sign away as many American rights as possible and then either at the end of his term or at the end of his servitude to the Elders he will be revealed as a Non US citizen and America will fall into riots that make the Rodney King riots look like a picnic. The blacks in America once swore to riot the day that Nelson Mandela died, so can you imagine how hard its going to be to remove the Black power from power?

On a very serious note. Just a few weeks ago mainstream media reported that Bin Ladens lifeline was connected to an explosive. Saying first that Islamic militants had placed small nuclear bombs in all states of the United States and also that a bomb had been placed in Europe that would explode if Osama Bin laden died. Its strange how a mainstream story run about this just weeks ago and no one seems to have tried to use this ... YET as a scare tactic. So watch out for them using a explosion causing mass loss of life to scare people into further submission. We all know how they like to kill with guns and bombs in order to tighten restrictions on freedoms. In the UK they used to send mad men like Thomas Hamilton into schools to shoot innocent children in order to keep gun bans in a Police state nation which ensures the power that the people are weak and defenseless and have no way to resist their agenda.

What ever your theory on 9/11 it cannot be denied now that Osama Bin Laden has been ally then axis, ally then axis more times than someone with OCD checks their gas taps on the cooker. It cannot be denied how strange it is that a man manages to elude the most powerful armies on earth for 10 years hiding in caves and then decides he wants to come down out of the caves and spend a bit of time in the city living in a block of flats near a military base.

It has to be questioned as to why when the British admit the July7th bomber was connected to British intelligence the public do not ask questions. The masses are first fooled by the Zionist lies and then when these people come on national television and admit that the killers work under cover for the government people do NOTHING! They simply continue to believe every word that spews from the "Electronic Toilet" a.k.a. the television. If Osama Bin Laden is dead then does that mean the troops can come home? Surely the war on terror is over. NO because by announcing this killing and by doing so during the "mass Islamic Uprising" they have opened the way for devastating reprisals on European soil. They will certainly not go long before mass bombings start happening and this will fit snug into the Agenda of using the last white Europeans to fight Islam so that both people can be reduced and so that more power can be handed over to the United Nations.

This isn't conspiracy or madness on my part it is all facts that can be met with proof page after page. Those who still think we are at war with Islam because Europe and Islam are arch enemies simply have it wrong. Our war with Islam as white folk is a war of preservation. If Arabs returned to the middle east and fought their "Jihad" with the Israelis would we step in and shed the blood of our race for the Jewish people? Would we be happy to enter the middle east if not a single Muslim lived in our lands? Of course not but because this ALIEN IDEOLOGY lives and breaths within our land we have a war that we cannot ignore. We have a changing birth rate and we have a threat from this faith because the Elders wanted it that way. Western culture is at risk from Islam but the driving force behind this are those who have the power and that power lies with the Elders. We can only defeat ALIEN IDEOLOGY if we have control of our own destiny.

So when people talk to you about this over the coming weeks think about what your reply will be. Will you simply let the media pull the wool over the eyes of those around you. Will you let the Zionists get away with manipulating your loved ones and having them believe that our governments are the good guys. Or will you tell them that its all a lie, that the man who was sat on the FBI most wanted list as number 1 was nothing more than a phantom designed to be "on the run" and "at large" so long as he played the fitting part in the plot. Now that he isn't the talk of the town, now that we have war with the whole middle east the smaller fish can be pulled out of the flour mix and thrown into the bubbling hot batter mix.

Besides we have done what the Elders wanted in Iraq by installing a new puppet leader. They are thinking "We can't earn any oil out of Afghanistan but its important that we leave thousands of Americans inside the country because half a billion dollars of Heroin can be exported a year. Libya is prime location with 2% of the worlds oil available and a nation that hasn't yet signed up to the Zionist world banking swindle. Syria we want to get hold of because that gives the Jew his gateway to expansion and of course Syria has a loyal friend in Iran and we want those real bad, have done since the start of this conflict"

And for those who still think the Jewish agenda is less of a threat than issues like Immigration think again because if war with Iran starts then Oil and Natural gas deals between Iran, Russia and China would come under threat. deals worth 200 billion dollars to those 3 nations and they won't let America go in and bomb Iran so that could well be the build up to a war that won't end well for any of us. If our race can learn anything from this latest news it is this.

Our Muslim problem lies in what the Zionist agenda is allowing to happen. We have real conflict with Islam here at home, but they know they are fueling this by getting us to "support our troops abroad" they then make us look unpatriotic if we call into question any war but the fact is I love my race and want to preserve it desperately. For me the war is a war we fight for Israel and nothing more. I believe if we had control of our governments, we could remove the Islamic threat by deportation and those who have threatened to kill and conquer I would not send back but would put on trial. Those who have killed my race would be kept here and dealt with and examples like the killers of Kriss Donald would be hung or executed for their crimes. There is a solution to our races demise but it isn't to fight the war against the Middle east for the Elders. If we have war with Islam it is those in our lands and those who bring harm upon our people but this never ending support for Israel has to end. A Europe controlled by our race would have no alliance with Israel and no affection for the Jewish Problem. In my eyes the Jewish problem is that a small number of people think they can control the world and the key to that power being toppled is for ALL nations on earth to say no and reject their ideas their agenda and to demand these people leave their lands because while we have Zionism at the root of all power our race has no hope what so ever. until the world wakes up to the Zionist agenda and rejects it we cannot free ourselves.

All comrades here will be aware of the education system which tells our white children that Hitler brainwashed people into following him. The truth is Hitler rejected the Usary system and he was aware and awake to the Zionist agenda. Its only called brainwashing if it is true and its only called education if it is false. Thats how you are best to look at everything around you. When the media tells you its all under control that means radiation is pouring out in to the air. When they tell you the rise of the far right is a threat to Europe what they actually mean is that their Zionist masters cannot afford for their agenda to be halted. They cannot allow passion to grow in Europe and so they have to counter the anti Zionist agenda with an "Islamic Invasion"

When they talk about Hitler's brainwashing you should think awakening. When they speak of the evil we preach you should justify your doctrine with love for your race. When they say that we are hungry for war we need to challenge that and show that our race has been used in war since the dawn of time or since the dawn of the Chosen peoples agenda to rule over the Goyim of the world. When you think you can rely on mainstream news for facts you should remember it was this same machine of lies that put 100 million European kinsman into graves during two world wide Brother wars.

We have defeated Islam in the past and if we had control of this continent we would have no problem with removing this problem. It would be economically better for us to pay each one of them to travel home first class than it would to keep them here but the system would have you believe they are of economic value to this continent. If we sent every Muslim back to the middle east in first class accommodation we would pay less than if we keep them here for 1 year. The cost of allowing this Zionist driven Islamic invasion to remain is the decline of our birthrate below 1.3 children per family. Some parts of Europe already have this and it is IRREVERSIBLE it cannot be fixed because it takes close to 100 years to stabilize. These shouldn't be just facts you brush off comrades these statistics do NOT lie and they spell out the death of the white race forever with absolutely no way to recover. This pattern cannot run past 2037 because if it does its just a matter of time before the minority of our race that remains will convert or intermix with those not of our people and the fight to survive will be over. No more debating over who is right and wrong. No more honour vs dishonour no more NF vs BNP no more KKK vs NSM no more debating, no more infighting no more hope just a fucking nail in our legacy and the footprints of the elders of Zion trodden into the soil underneath the continent our forefathers conquered build settled and died for.

Bin Laden may have died in 2002, maybe he died just a few days ago maybe he isn't dead or maybe like the real conspiracy says Osama is Obama... not the take I have on things and this should be what people refer to as Conspiracy.

The media wins when you let them convince you that the words I write here are those of a conspiracy theorist. My name isn't Alex Jones and I don't call Hitler a freemason. My name isn't David Icke and I don't believe the world is ruled by Lizard people. I don't believe the moon is a hollowed out spaceship either. But I do know that for close to 2000 years a system has been in place that has served the interests of those who today we call Zionist Jews or the Elders of Zion.

I know my race is the most enslaved, I know that we cannot fight all the Jewish wars if we want to survive as a race and I know that while I have internal war with Muslims I will NOT play into external wars that put my people and my nation at risk. I do NOT support war in the middle east just as the Iranian president said he wanted Arabs to return to Arab lands and fight the Jihad against Zionism. We can make world war and kill our race or we can take control of our system and refuse to support this Zionist agenda. I know that a Europe under the control of Europeans, that distanced itself from Israel would find itself in a strong position once more. I know that a Muslim free, Zionist free, European run continent could trade resources as was the idea under Hitler and I know for sure that a Europe without Zionist control could recover from the birth decline and ultimately save our race from extinction.

Preservation has to be our main priority, not Zionist driven war for profit. We don't profit, we put our homes our people at risk from a growing Muslim population which will be the MAJORITY by 2037 if this control remains with the Zionists.

I respect every man among us whether he accepts the 9/11 story or not. I don't think we can all take time to look at all the facts unless we really want to and for me every man who fights for white preservation is my ally and not my enemy. But as a man who has made education and awareness something that comes first I have only ever come here with argument because I don't want to see my fellow kinsman fooled by a single word that spews from the mainstream of society. When I know some among us fight without all the war plans laid out in front of them it puts me on edge and makes me try and drive home the reality so that more of my kinsman might be spared from what I feel is to come.

Look at everything I have said. Bin Laden was protected by CIA, Bin Laden was a fraud used to scare the people and if after you have pulled this apart with a fine tooth comb you find me to be misleading then you can refer to me as a crank or a conspiracy nut. I know my facts to be facts and I don't want people to say "You are right" I just don't want to witness the consequences of you or your family being wrong.

We as a race have very little time, and when we sleep at night we should listen closely because you will hear the ticking clock of our race. We all know they lie, we know they made Hitler look like the biggest monster in human history while we know the facts and we know they will portray the bush and Blair era as the men who stood proud against evil. Its all counter truth, its all reverse truth. You know they lie, so believe NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they tell you because every single word they speak is to confuse your already controlled thoughts and feelings.

We have to wake up and see this and we have to at least try to get our movement on a level path because while the Muslim hordes close in Shia and Sunni together, while the Europe borders fill with non whites and while the Zionist support we give puts our own people at risk we are still busy fighting and arguing about the most irrelevant shit possible. Thats why the Muslims get a cartoon drawn and gather outside London embassy with 24 hour notice while our division and lack of will produces handfuls of comrades at rallies that had months of pre planning and advertisement.

Something really is wrong with our spirit when we see less people at a National Front remembrance parade than we do at a Muslim event in central London. Even the ultra right Jewish members of British society can turn out to support the killing of people on board an aid boat more than we can stand against the imprisonment of white political prisoners. Something is terribly wrong with our battle tactic, we in the UK especially have become the movement that never moves. If it does move it moves backward and closer towards its own grave stone. All the while this media coverage that the number one bad man on the planet is dead so all of our worries are over. Our troubles are only now getting started, next step middle east conflicts in Libya? Maybe Syria? or maybe even Iran. I just wonder how many people have read the full protocols of Zion and those who have I think should do what you can to make it available to everyone because if you pick up one book in your life with regards to the "Jewish Plan for the Goyim" it has to be the Protocols.

Its a long post and I appreciate anyone who took the time to read it. I hope people will treat this topic in a way that can educate us all by the time we read it and hope people will criticize my words or question them in any case they wish to because if we are seeking the truth together thats much better than excepting the lies. The lies put us in the ground, and eventually we would become a race without a history, or a legacy. As the Foe stated in the movie 300 I will erase your existence from all history, it will be as though you never existed. We can't let lies put us in the ground and so all we have left is truth and I believe as many great warriors of our race did that ultimately truth will set us free.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


This news article has already been covered briefly on the main NF website (News Section)

I wanted to simply address the issue again because for a "School Professional" to claim these children push, shove and abuse their teachers more when the weather is bad is a sign that people unfit to serve in these positions are the future for the education system.

How does someone with this reply get to this position and more to the point who is doing the hiring?

If we have people like this at the top what kind of tragedy filters down into the class rooms?

This moron would blame the rain and forget about the fact that most senior school children today listen to violent music from the Black Culture and they have absolutely no morals what so ever at home or in the street or at school. When the music you sing on the way to the class room contains lyrics about killing, robbing, trading guns, stabbing, kidnapping, drug dealing and this image is spewed out through the Zionist Tube as the "way to gain respect" then how can we sit scratching our heads at causes for this decline.

Of course the average teacher knows that 10 years ago they had back chat while ten years on teachers are physically attacked and in some cases teachers are even being raped by pupils.

I remember on 8th December 1995 when Philip Ambrose Lawrence was killed by a 15 year old member of a Filipino gang this of course shocked the nation but not enough for them to question what was started to creep up into the British youth culture. That head teacher died because he tried to split up a fight, today in classrooms up and down the country those who attempt to educate and prepare children for their future find themselves powerless against this violence. They are at risk of losing their job and career prospects if they even go as far as restrain a child because the child can so easily claim "abuse".

If teachers are to have any control over their pupils it surely makes sense for them to have control over their own classrooms? At my children's school they have a Vice Head who basically takes care of everything. If we ring with a problem he will deal with it. If the school has an internal issue he will normally deal with it. The head teacher in all truth is not needed. She is simply another salary to pay and a name on the board that welcomes you to the school.

When I attended school, and from my children's own mouths still to this day, when the governors come to inspect a school the teachers will simply ask children to be on their best behaviour. That 2 day assessment is therefore flawed from the start. How can you judge a school based on a 2 day act by the pupils? How can you say that a school meets all standards when the day you leave drugs pass through the toilets and onto the school fields and teachers go back to being victims of violence in some cases or teachers of lies and brainwashing white guilt in other cases.

In order for schools to become a safe place for child and teacher the teacher needs to have back some of the power that has been handed out to clowns like this fool who says that rain and wind made children abusive and aggressive. In order for children to remain safe at school much more needs to happen. For a start it would be good to see violent "hip hip" music condemns rather than trying to fool the "guilty whites" into thinking that its a universal message about hard times and poverty. Of course today we see a lot of white youth producing music along these lines talking about the hard times at home here in the UK. The fact still remains that the guns, drugs and pimping elements of the white youths musical message came with the generations of the 1950's and even more so with the rise of yardie immigration into the UK. We didn't "bake crack cocaine" or carry "uzi machine guns" until this image was embedded into the fabric of our society.

Our grandparents didn't abuse drugs and allow themselves to become weakened but instead they met every challenge they faced with true British grit and determination. So what went wrong? In my personal opinion the generation that followed my grandparents. My parents generation believed war and hard times were gone for good. It was time to "chill out" stick some LSD under a headband and fly away with the fairies. "Make Love and NOT War" but the big problem with that was while the masses walked around in the clouds, back down on earth the agenda to destroy us morally and physically was under way. When our parents generation finally came down from the clouds they found that while they had been loving the enemy had been plotting. Plotting future wars, manufacturing new drugs that would send people higher into the clouds, replacing fact with fiction, taking the education in schools and giving it a Zionist twist ensuring most white children would leave school as self hating guilty white sheep.

These "violent children" are the product of that master plan, they haven't woke up today and because its raining the acidity in the rain has made them go to school and attack their teachers. They are products of a idea, they are the end result of a plan that has been in place for about 40 years and the pace of this corrosion shows no sign of slowing. The music stores in this nation will continue to front row top shelf window display this violence, they will continue to push forward new drugs that will keep kids in a world of their own, those kids they cant hook on street drugs will be given "medical labels" like depression or ADHD and will be test subjects for the science labs and therapists across the nation.

The real culprit isn't nature here. The real blame lies with government that has allowed this cultural perversion to take over the minds of the British youth and if we cannot bring about an understanding for this youth that they are being used then we will have no hope for the future of this nation because the future lies squarely with the youth. They have to be led in the right direction and the only way that is possible is for the teachers to teach "real subjects" if and when we have the power to bring back the education of our kinfolk into our schools then rather than seeing white guilt and black pride the youth would see that honour morals loyalty respect dignity are all badges of honour that countless Europeans have earned and worn. When the youth act in this way they need to know that the enemy is sat behind 1 way glass watching in and laughing at the third world cesspool they are creating. When they watch you waste away on drugs and spend you weekend vomiting in a alleyway wondering where it all went wrong they chuckle so hard it hurts, when you get thrown out of school and they know your the next white lad in the dole line with no future prospects it makes them feel as if they are one step closer to watching the white race beg for a mere existence in the future. Every time you fail they win, every time you win they worry. Every time your family caves in they smile with glee every time a white family remains strong they plan the next way to divide and conquer.

For the youth to have a chance they must see that the current system does not work, the current methods do not work the current trend cannot remain and something has to change sooner rather than later. Look to Egypt recently and realize that 40% of that nation are youth and they faced gun fire and instant death but still stood for something they thought was right. Surely the bulldog spirit of our youth can find it in themselves to be the generation who don't just talk of change and crave for change but the youth who fought for change won that change and left for their children a better world than the one they entered.

Next time your outdoors and the wind hits your face see if it makes you angry, my guess is that you wont feel anger. You will simply feel gratitude for the calm breeze that cools your face or fills your lungs.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Christians no longer allowed to be foster parents in the UK

A Christian couple facing a foster parenting ban because of their views on homosexuality were told by a court yesterday that gay rights ‘should take precedence’ over their religious beliefs.
Owen and Eunice Johns heard that their values could conflict with the local authority’s duty to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare’ of those in foster care.
The grandparents have already fostered 15 children and were praised by social workers as ‘kind and hospitable people’ who ‘respond sensitively’ to youngsters.

Read more:

The Pentecostal Christians, who have been carers since 1992, had applied to Derby City Council in 2007 to restart fostering after a break.
But social workers raised concerns that their attitudes to homosexuality would conflict with the new Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007.

Traditional: The couple insisted they are not homophobic at the High Court but do not recognise civil partnerships between gay couples as marriage
The couple decided they were ‘doomed to failure’ and sought a clarification of the law over whether their religious beliefs excluded them from becoming foster carers.
Their case, heard last year, was supported by senior clergy including former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey who, in an open letter, warned that gay rights were taking precedence over the rights of others.
During the case, the Equality and Human Rights Commission argued that children risk being ‘infected’ by Christian moral views.
Yesterday the retired couple’s request for a ruling that faith should not be a bar to becoming a carer was denied at the High Court in London.
Their case was heard by one of the most senior members of the family court, Lord Justice Munby, who was sitting alongside Mr Justice Beeston.
It was ruled that there was no discrimination against them as Christians but that their views on sexual morality may be ‘inimical’ – or harmful – to children. In that situation, they ruled: ‘The equality provisions concerning sexual orientation should take precedence.’
The Johnses are considering an appeal but campaigners fear the ruling will be used as a blueprint for other councils to stop devout Christians from becoming foster parents.
The couple, who have four grown-up children and six grandchildren, had applied to be respite carers offering short-term placements for children aged between five and ten.
Mrs Johns, a retired nurse, said: ‘This is a sad day for Christianity. The judges have suggested that our views might harm children. We do not believe that this is so. We are prepared to love and accept any child.
‘All we were not willing to do was to tell a small child that the practice of homosexuality was a good thing.’

She added that the couple have visited her nephew, who is gay, and his partner in San Francisco.
Her husband added: ‘We wanted to offer love and stability and security to a vulnerable child. Eight-year-olds we have looked after want to play, not talk about their sexuality.’
Yesterday the council denied that it had sought to discriminate against Mr and Mrs Johns on the grounds of religious belief, but added that it ‘welcomes the judgment’.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Now this is as off topic as it gets with regards to our own Nationalist cause but I feel that we have completely ignored the disaster happening in Japan simply because its happening on the other side of the world.

I have already had an enormous debate over the Japan issue, and it drew some negatives and positives but rather than having the discussion all over again I wanted to cover the threat this disaster poses to White nations and white people.

This article will shock many but at the same time will highlight just how much the main stream media lie. It will also highlight why it is important to fight the government idea of closing down the internet during "Disasters" and directing people only to Government websites. I have taken a lot of time talking to friends who are very interested in Earthquakes and also listening to a LOT of reports coming from alternative media sources that describe this Nuclear fallout as "Chernobyl on Steroids"

I am NOT going to discuss the earthquake or the Tsunami but only discuss what is happening inside the Nuclear facility. I urge comrades who have read my blog to read this because the nuclear reactors that have exploded pose an extreme risk to you and your children.

Point 1 I will try and make with basic knowledge shared with me from friends who know MUCH more than me about this stuff. One of them being the father of my comrade who has worked around these type of facilities all his adult life and has a vast range of knowledge on this issue.

The Reactors inside the plant before the explosion.

Now all it takes is to watch the following 2 clips one after another and before they start I want to give you one thing to look out for. The first video will show a explosion that travels width ways, the second will show an explosion shoot up. The first explosion the media first said had smashed down a wall and HAD NOT released any of the radiation inside. IT DID BUT PLEASE READ ON!

Video 1 = Width Explosion

Video 2 = Shooting Up Like Nuclear Bomb

Now the media told us after video one that it was a wall and none of the Radiation came out, since then they have said radiation did leak out and that up to 7000 used rods were stored inside around a cooling area up around the ceiling. IN OTHER WORDS THE RODS CONTAINING RADIATION HAD BEEN BLOWN EVERYWHERE.

Then from the second clip you can see this explosion is much more violent, you see a flash of orange and then the smoke reaches the white tower in the shot in about a second. Compared to the first clip which took about 8 seconds to reach as high.

The media said after the second explosion that there was now a little risk from this radiation and this is why this article matters to us. I will try and provide all the information given to me and hope that people will at least take time to look into this for themselves because some key facts.

If something is blown high enough it enters what is known as the "Jet Stream" and that travels around the globe like this ..

The jet stream constantly travels in that direction ALWAYS and then wind change and weather determine where it grabs valleys and coast lines and sends wind in various directions. But the key is to look at the picture above and remember the way in which the cycle constantly travels.

Now it is important to reveal 2 bits of news that have not made their way to our main stream news and these news articles should be EVERYWHERE!

The Japanese government has not told the people about the ominous fact that the plant site is a hellish repository where a staggering number of spent fuel rods have accumulated for 40

Each reactor building pool holds 3,450 fuel rod assemblies and the common pool holds 6,291 fuel rod assemblies. Each assembly holds  sixty three fuel rods. In short, the Fukushima Daiichi plant contains over 600,000 spent fuel rods.

Now if you can imagine your home in the summer curtains closed and a small beam of light gets in that shows you small bits of dust floating around your home. Reactor 3 contains something mixed with 7% plutonium and 93% uranium. 1 single dust particle of either of these WILL KILL YOU! Not maybe, not possibly 110% you are dead if this stuff gets into your lungs. It is now important for me to tell you that the life of this stuff (meaning how long it lives or remains dangerous) is a minimum of 4 BILLION YEARS!

Now everyone will know all about chernobyl and recent studies show that 1Million people on average died worldwide as a result of Chernobyl.

Proof Provided Here

Chernobyl had not even 1% of this radiation, not even 0.1% in fact and when you watch the reactor 3 video. (Video 2) you will see chunks of black objects come down from the mushroom cloud and the media have only just began to warn people about the wind I showed you above. Many people in Russia know how dangerous this is and began getting radiation meters the day after the first reactor exploded.

The shooting high explosion sent many of these rods not only all over the plant but MANY are known to have been sent into the sea. Many fragments of this have gone into the Pacific ocean and the media are not mentioning this as main stream world wide important news. Basic maths says that if Chernobyl has killed 1 Million and this is 100x or more worse that mass death over the next 2 decades could be hundreds of millions.

Fish will be radiated, milk from dairy will be affected, meat will be affected and this isn't simply a Japanese problem. In fact most of this fallout will not hit japan in mass dosage and a large percentage of this is now heading toward North America where about 70% of farming productivity is based.

If the plant’s radioactive particles get caught in the jet stream and travel the world over, they will end up contaminating crops and grazing fields the entire world over. Time and time and time again for the next 4 BILLION years and I challenge anyone to prove any of this to be false information.

I pride my blog and my morals on honesty and the honest facts are that this is the biggest disaster in Human history. In many ways you could call it the "end of the world" because this much radiation at best will shorten the life thousands of future generations. Massive increase in cancer has been seen the world over from the now minute disaster that was chernobyl.

It is also important for me to inform people that these 600 thousand rods are NOT SAFE and the 50 men going in and out for 15 minutes at a time are DEAD IN A WEEK, the helicopters flying over the pilots are DEAD IN A WEEK the people within this containment zone DEAD the British gone into work with them DEAD the chidren of workers deformed for ever. This literally spells disaster on a scale we have never known and the media refuse to make anything of it.

Now when this wind drags this around the globe people need to be prepared and that will be something else I cover in a article I shall prepare asap and put up. The important thing for people to know is that Chernobyl was 1 million dead and it was nothing, nothing, nothing compared to this. This will travel the globe and some of this will land in European fields and farms. Some of this will land in water supplies, some of this will affect milk and dairy, grazing animals and if a pregnat mother in Europe ingests 1 single dust particle of Plutonium or Uranium it spells death or severe disaster for the unborn child and most certainly a life expectancy at least halved.

I have tried to put across this information in the best way as someone who simply learnt ANY of this 1 WEEK AGO. It is also worth noting that today while my Partner returned from shopping she said to the driver. "How long before you think the radiation will reach Europe" to which he replied "it won't get to Europe" and looked at her like she was mental. It is that attitude that is mental, that attitude that shows how survival has been removed from the instinct of man and replaced with blind submission.

Just as those who may wish to ignore this whole article have the right to do so, but I would hope people would go as far as to check for themselves. Radiation lives 4 BILLION YEARS - 600-000 Rods (thats over half a million) melting and releasing the most dangerous radiation (Plutonium or Uranium) into the atmosphere and a few Japanese workers who have the Job to go in and die in order to save NOT just Japan but the world from an even bigger disaster. Since then most of those set that task have began to get sick and the Japanese will then begin to call on troops who must "defend a nation" just as if Yorkshire plant went British men would have to go in and give their lives. A real test of manhood in my oppinion and something we have to recognize because now if Japanese people cannot show courage then day by day this gets more serious for us.

They refer to radiation pools on the floor as "China syndrome" because it will literally melt through the earth, not stopping just continuing to melt through the earth.

Please share this information with people because if you google Iodine sold out you will see that people who understand what happened at chernobyl know that radiation is coming and people need to be prepared.

The Survival/Protection segment I will write up and upload Tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Whole lot of White - A Handful Of Aryans

I have long known the difference between someone who is White and someone who is Aryan.

Sharon Davies for example is White but because she decided to destroy her race by mixing I would certainly not call her Aryan.

Joseph Stalin was also White but as he decided to follow suicidal doctrine and murder millions of his own race he was most certainly not an Aryan.

Tony Blair is White but leading our men and women into false wars and supporting the destruction of our homeland he is most certainly not Aryan.

Now it depends what route you take and what view you hold on your own definition of the term "Aryan"
The best example I would say is ..

Aryan: A racially conscious White person dedicated to the survival and freedom of his people.

"We Aryans are those of European descent who are racially conscious and who have committed our lives to our people’s survival and evolutionary advancement. We shall do our duty. We shall not surrender our freedom and our very existence to Jewish or any other power. We shall preserve our heritage and our hard-won rights and freedoms. We shall guide our people up the evolutionary stairway to the stars."
--David Duke, My Awakening, p469

It is also important for people to know that the word did not come from Europe but in fact came much earlier amongst the people living in what is today Iran.

Word History: It is one of the ironies of history that Aryan, a word nowadays referring to the blond-haired, blue-eyed physical ideal of Nazi Germany, originally referred to a people who looked vastly different. Its history starts with the ancient Indo-Iranians, Indo-European peoples who inhabited parts of what are now Iran, Afghanistan, and India. Their tribal self-designation was a word reconstructed as *arya- or *rya-. The first of these is the form found in Iranian, as ultimately in the name of Iran itself (from Middle Persian rn (ahr), “(Land) of the Iranians,” from the genitive plural of r, “Iranian”). The variant *rya- is found unchanged in Sanskrit, where it referred to the upper crust of ancient Indian society. These words became known to European scholars in the 18th century. The shifting of meaning that eventually led to the present-day sense started in the 1830s, when Friedrich Schlegel, a German scholar who was an important early Indo-Europeanist, came up with a theory that linked the Indo-Iranian words with the German word Ehre, “honor,” and older Germanic names containing the element ario-, such as the Swiss warrior Ariovistus who was written about by Julius Caesar. Schlegel theorized that far from being just a designation of the Indo-Iranians, the word *arya- had in fact been what the Indo-Europeans called themselves, meaning something like “the honorable people.” (This theory has since been called into question.) Thus “Aryan” came to be synonymous with “Indo-European,” and in this sense entered the general scholarly consciousness of the day. Not much later, it was proposed that the original homeland of the Indo-Europeans had been in northern Europe. From this theory, it was but a small leap to think of the Aryans as having had a northern European physiotype.

For us this word means noble, within our culture and our people we use this word to often and we think that anyone who is white has the right to use this term. We can look at anyone skin deep and judge them as white but I would give the word Aryan only to those who can claim this nobility.

I think that the most accepted defination of "aryan" simple means INDO EUROPEAN which simple means WHITE person, plain and simple. Of course its true that ANCIENT Persians where the first ones calling them selfs "aryan".

The media have tried too long to make this look like a single word that calls us better than others when in fact all it did was claim our nobility as a people. Looking back at Vikings, Anglo Saxon, Celtic warriors we cannot doubt their honour and nobility. Just as today we cannot ignore or deny that we have many whites but very few Aryans.

Those whom you consider white may well be white, but the term Aryan we should not turn away from but should in fact embrace it and take it on board. I personally do not care to associate with only white people but choose to build friendships and trust only with the Aryans of the world. Nobility means trust and trust means security and safety for our race and nation.

Now sit back and ask yourself, out of all the white people you know, how many of them conduct themselves as true Aryans?

Click Here Aryan Nobility

Thursday, March 10, 2011

101 Questions for the EDL to answer

A small list of real concerns about the direction of the EDL.

1. Can you tell us what defence you provide the Native English people by offering support to Israel?

2. Can you tell us why you have moved so quickly from a 1 policy movement into a movement intent on defending Israeli rights?

3. Can you tell us why it is that you offer a platform for Jewish extremism?

4. Can you tell us why you highlight pedophilia within the Muslim community but fail to mention the trafficking of European white women to Israel and have nothing to say about the likes of Roman Polanski?

5. Can you tell us who came up with the idea to look for support within the Jewish Task Force?

6. Can you explain what you mean when you say multiculturalism has not failed?

7. Can you tell us why the EDL considers the BNP as racists when they also have non white members?

8. Can you tell us why we see more Israel flags at some events than England flags?

9. Can you tell us what percentage of your support comes from the ethnic groups in this country?

10. Can you tell us how many of your proud patriots have drug problems?

11. Can you tell us how many Jewish supporters you have

12. Can you tell us how many Jewish financiers you have on board?

13. Can you explain why your forum is now open only to those who pay?

14. Can you explain why instructions have been given to attack anyone who looks "racist" at certain events?

15. Can you tell us why you don't make more effort in London?

16. Can you condemn the Zionist media owners just as you have the Saudi oil merchants?

17. Can you speak out against the evils written in the Jewish Talmud as you have with the Koran?

18. Can you explain why you promote NF or BNP as Nazis and make it clear to your supporters that we are also their enemy?

19. Can you tell us where the thousands of pounds came from and what requirements you had to meet to get that funding?

20. Can you explain why you were allowed to walk the streets masked when no right wing group has been allowed to wear even a scarf over their mouths for the past 20+ years?

21. Can you tell us why Israel belongs to Jews when Arabs have lived there for 2000 + years?

22. Can you understand that supporting terrorism toward children and women can only bring danger to these shores?

23. Do you consider Israeli settlements legal?

24. Did you know that a leading Rabbi in Israel recently said that "Non Jews only exist on this earth to serve the Jews" what is your view on this? (Feel free to google this before responding)

25. Does your burning of a Nazi symbol really have anything to do with your 1 policy. By this question I mean why did you have to address Islam by burning a symbol not in use for 70+ years?

26. You claim European solidarity but did you not just bring up old wounds with the Germans with the statement toward that period of history?

27. How is it that you would claim to defend this land but have no view on the countless white victims of Racism at the hands of Blacks and others in this land?

28. Why is it that you quickly found yourself surrounded by puppeteers and happily accepted all this multi racial help and assistance?

29. How did it go from England to Israel in such a short space of time?

30. Why won't you defend this land from Drug abuse?

31. Why are you not sickened by the treatment of white families at the hands of black gangs in and around London?

32. Why do you not speak out about the violent anti white sentiment in Rap Music?

33. Why do you have nothing to say about the Rape of a Mexican girl at the hands of 18 Back men in the United States?

34. Why don't you condemn those who openly admitted killing 28 British men in Israel during the attack on the King David Hotel?

35. Why do you not condemn the killing of men onboard the USS liberty at the hands of Israeli soldiers?

36. Why does it not bother you to see white women naked and exposed inside various newspapers and magazines?

37. Why do you show Halal meat as evil but have no comments on Kosher slaughter?

38. Why don't you tell people that the Zionist Jew Rothschild took control of 98% of this Nation when he found out 20 hours ahead of England that we had won the war against Napoleon and told the nation that we had lost so that he could crash the stocks and buy this nations hard earned wealth with pennies.

39. Why don't you address the evil of communism?

40. Why have you not burnt the Hammer and Sickle, which also was responsible for the deaths of many of our forefathers?

41. Why would the NF who are a British first movement be considered the enemy within the EDL?

42. Who decided on what groups you could and couldn't support?

43. What makes the NF dangerous and the Jewish Task Force an ally?

44. Why would it make sense to work with Israelis but condemn and distance yourself from your own patriots at home?

45. Who would gain from this dis-unity?

46. Why in 100 years should China be 99.9 Chinese, Nigeria 99.9% Nigerian, japan 99.8% Japanese and Europe the stop over and toilet for every ethnic group?

47. If defending your country is okay, and defending your identity also then why is going one step further and defending your race such a crime in your leaderships eyes?

48. Why has Tommy Robinson only just found passion for his nation?

49. Why does no one in the right wing movement have a clue where he came from?

50. Half way almost there... what has the EDL made from merchandise sales and how much of that money ended up as white powder on the edge of a razor blade?

51. Can you join the EDL if you support the IRA?

52. What does Tommy personally think about the IRA?

53. How many members of the EDL have links to Pro IRA sites and forums?

54. Why do we see very little solidarity with the Scottish?

55. Why has the EDL become like a Luton Exclusive movement rather than a Nationwide awakening?

56. What percentage of EDL leadership used to be members of right wing parties?

57. How many will admit that they sold out and are nothing more than fortune hunters happy to be king of their town?

58. How many of the EDL leadership have drug debts with ethnic minorities?

59. Why has the EDL closed ranks instead of embracing those who have made the EDL what it is?

60. What would the EDL have to say to those young lads they attacked simply because they suspected them of being "Nazis"

61. Does the EDL know that their Rabbi recently was filmed stating that homosexuals should be killed?

62. Did you also know that in 1290 ALL Jews were expelled  from this land by our King Edward I?

63. As defenders of this nation do you support your Kings decision? (Read the facts and respond)

64. Do you believe our troops should have been sent to war?

65. Do you believe they should come home now?

66. Would you send British troops to fight if Israel was attacked by any of its Arab Neighbors?

67. Do you think that children should be led to school at gun point?

68. Do you think Israel should be held accountable for war crimes just as Serbian leaders have been?

69. Who would you say is historically responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

70. Did you know that Jews refer to ALL NON JEWS as Goyim which literally translates to "Cattle"

71. Did you know that Israel recently said that if ANY nations fired Nukes at them, they would have to act like "Mad Dogs" and would see Rome in dust before they allowed themselves to fall?

72. Did you know that they changed the Death toll of Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.5 million but still left 6 million in the history books for the future generations to learn and be misled?

73. Did you know Israel TV recently told ALL Jewish girls they should not breed with anyone who is Non Jewish?

74. Is this not the opposite of the EDL Doctrine?

75. What percentage of EDL members are Religious or racial Jews?

76. Do EDL leadership pay themselves a salary?

77. If so how much?

78. Does the EDL consider Nick Griffin a Nazi?

79. Can the EDL confirm that because they promote Free Speech they do NOT accept that the UK may enforce holocaust denial laws in this free nation of ours?

80. Can you condemn the imprisonment of renowned historian David Irving simply for exercising his Human Right to express an opinion?

81. Can we ask what the 8p per day on the forum pays for when you seem to have managed big rallies and gatherings on very little?

82. Can we expect to see the EDL form a political party based on its prior 1 policy issue?

83. Would Tommy consider running for election for Luton?

84. Take a side photo of Tommy and Then Mr Cameron and tell us honestly if they are any relation to one another?

85. Can Tommy tell us the role his grandparents played in the Wars?

86. A few personal questions now... Whats is TR favorite Quote?

87. Who are three of your greatest heroes

88. Does the JDL have any statement they would like to make with regards to the connection and break with the Terrorist faction JTF?

89. Do the EDL plan on teaching white youth that BNP, NF etc are the enemy and should be treated as such?

90. How many of the EDL leadership can honestly say that Drugs are not an everyday part of life?

91. How many youth activities have been put on by the EDL?

92. Where was the EDL leadership when helpless white youth were getting stomped in Birmingham and other earlier events?

93. Why won't the EDL speak out against big bankers?

94. Why no interest in the countless homeless?

95. Why no funding for community projects to help make England better?

96. Why won't you admit that we face two enemies, one overt and one covert?

97. What will it take for you to tell the whole truth?

98. Do you not think people deserve the whole truth?

99. Do you wonder if they can take it?

100. Can you even honestly answer any of these?

101. Will this vanish from your cage showing that any questions about your Zionist links are hidden from view?

Lets hope you can at least have the front to answer some of these questions. If you don't have time or simply already have enough lines to get through then I can wait, I am a patient man. But I will get answers to these questions, if I don't get any well then the point will be made. The point being that you are lying to the English people, you are showing the English Youth that they need to defend this nation but while you lead them toward one enemy you allow the other to creep up behind them or in your case you allow them to mingle amongst them and laugh themselves to sleep that the silly little "Goyim, once again serves the interest of Gods Chosen People"

Its time to address the concerns of many, or simply consider some people in this nation worth addressing and others as scum. We most certainly are not scum and this land belongs to us just as much as it does to the countless youth you have led astray with your Kosher flute. Our people are not rats and you will NOT lead them like rats. They will see through you and then you will go back under your rock and go back to being the WKD drinking smiley face master of deception and lies.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Memory of 100 Million valued at £50

This item is used by Muslims. It is a pocket compass with keychain, high precision and portable item. The direction of mecca can be found using this.

 This is a small replica of Torah Scroll decorated with the views of the Old City of Jerusalem

 This is a Key Chain belonging to the Buddhist Faith
None of these items are religious artifacts or precious, they can all be purchased on sites like Ebay for about £2.50, the Torah key chain is most likely a little more expensive.

But they hold value to people who celebrate and practice those faiths, they have meaning to those who purchase them and if they happened to lose or break this item I am sure they would feel some kind of upset.

If someone took this item from them and destroyed it on purpose they would most certainly be angered by such actions, but more to the point if I took one of these items from someone following one of these faiths and I broke it publicly what would happen to me?

Would I be hit with a Racist charge, some kind of incitement? Or hatred toward a religious group?

Or would I be treated with the equal punishment given to the ANIMAL who decided to take the symbol of 100 Million Dead Europeans and burn it? Would they just give me a £50 fine and let me walk out of court with just that? I doubt that very much, and I don't think I am willing to put it to the test just to prove my point.

I don't happen to have £50 I can just throw away and in all reality burning these symbols would be of no interest to me, they represent something that matters to certain racial and religious groups and those racial and religious groups. (In their rightful homelands) have the right to practice any faith they wish without any interference from me!

I would want to know how a Judge can truly give such a fine when as my close comrade said today. He knows of people who received £30 pound more than that in fines for being sick in the street after a night out and a few too many beers. So vomiting in the street is worse and more offensive to the nation than burning the symbol that represents 100 million dead men, women and children?

More to the point, any educated well informed Muslim would be aware that the war was put together by the very same power that has imprisoned much of their own people in the middle east. Those 100 million died just as your people now die in wars created by the very same power structure. You took your message to the wrong place, it wasn't and isn't the British people you have to get your message across to it is those pulling the strings of war. Those 100 million souls that you decided to spit on died for the very same freedom that you see your people trying to regain in the Middle East today.

It sickens me to think we have people living amongst us who would spit on the memory of the fallen in this way, and it sickens me further to think that we have judges that can be considered skilled in their job when they can let insult toward 100 million dead and a continent of living ancestors go unchallenged like this.

The Muslim war with the Zionist agenda should never have been our fight to fight, but the immigration and destruction of our heritage and culture has made it that way and now the choice is go under or stand and defend. Just as the mass European wars of the past should never have been fought but they were and 100 million died for absolutely no freedom and democracy what so ever. Every single one of those men, women and children died just as now millions of Muslims die for the elite to prosper.

You are right when you say the war shouldn't be happening, and many agree with you but the fact still remains that if you truly have a passion for your people then you stay in the lands of your people and you defend it. If this policy was carried out by Muslims then they would all be in the middle east fighting their true defensive lines instead of biting the bait and letting Zionism control two groups of people in order to cripple and enslave both of them.

Do not claim injustice and scream for change from the safety of our land, have a back bone and go home and fight for your true principles. No Nationalist or patriot would hold that against you. Unless of course they believe that Israel was "A land without a people for a people without a land" which of course is LIES

When you allow yourself to be used as bait, and when the British nation can no longer tolerate your alien culture within our land we will have no choice but to defend, then we know what will happen. The police and system will round up the most outspoken and brave of both sides and jail them in order to advance their hate laws and free speech restrictions. Islam has its fight in the Middle East but if your willing to burn our symbols and bring the fight to the ordinary British man, woman and child who has never supported this Zionist Occupied Middle East then you will leave no choice but for us to exercise our rights to defend what is ours and that is this land, this heritage and the remembrance each and every year for those who gave their lives.

When you burn our poppy, you may aswell be setting alight to our family in front of our eyes because that poppy represented a brave man who stood shoulder to shoulder with his brothers and fought until death. Wrong or Right side of politics doesn't matter. What matters is when it came down to it the only men that mattered was those who you fought with and that in itself is the act of bravery.

All the £50 notes in the world cannot give this nation men or leaders of that caliber today. They can try and buy the power of a nation and often they shall succeed but respect and honour they can never buy from real people and burning my symbol, or leading my race and nation to slaughter will never make a man a hero in my eyes but simply a monster!

Lest We Forget Them! We Will Remember Them!